Down The Memory Lane | United Kingdom

September, 2010 – A trip to cherish and remember for life.

My first trip abroad and wouldn’t have thought that it will be “United Kingdom”.

A nine hours and thirty minutes journey along with 2 hours each at both “Indira Gandhi International Airport. Delhi and Heathrow Airport, London. My longest and the most tiring travel by air. Two pecks of whiskey on the rocks and few episodes of “Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai was the only savior for me.

Reach Heathrow airport at night and from there I was suppose to take bus to Bournemouth. It was a two hours journey from the airport and the place where I was suppose to stay and my hotel [Russel Court Hotel] booking was done.

Bournemouth – It is a beautiful seaside destination with British Victorian architecture and buzzing night life along the beaches. Most beautiful beach I have seen till date. Its a place where you can get the best of both the world. Beauty of a hilly area and the sand and sea experience of a beach.

Situated at the southeast coast of England, it is famous for its never ending  7 miles long beach.

Best time to visit is from July till August. the weather is generally comprises of mild winters and long summers. However, for a person like me who comes from a place which is so humid and hot, even the summers seemed too cold.

Main Attractions –





“Corfe Castle” – Purbeck , Dorset

This Castle was built by “William The Conqueror” in the early 11th century. Its on the Purbeck Hills on the way to Wareham and Swanage. No visit to Purbeck will be completed without seeing the picturesque village of Corfe Castle. Its rocky structure at the hill top and the greenery all around will surely take your breath away. The Cold wind and the bright sun surely added up to my visit. Was mesmerized to see the beauty.



Swanage Railway Station


Swanage Railway Station is a beautiful station in Sawnage on the Isle Of Purbeck in the county of Dorset. The station was closed by British Govt in 1972. Later it was reopened as a heritage railway station which operates only from Corfe Castle to Swanage. Although it is just another railway station but there is certain beauty about it. the classic and heritage look of it makes it valuable and surely needs to be preserved. The long bells informing you about the arrival of the classic old train made me nostalgic and reminded me of the black and white movies era, only where I saw this kind of trains.


Feel fortunate to have visited LONDON. Just had a single day to cover the city which was next to impossible. Though I made my mind to cover as much as possible and not think too much about it. Wanted to soak it all in.

The historical London Bridge over the Themes River which flows through the city of London and Southwark in central London was very fascinating. After reading in the nursery poem [London bridge is falling down] finally I was standing tall on the bridge.

It has a great history of its own. Right from various wooden bridges over the river in (AD50–1176) then to the Stone Arch in the medieval period to today’s modern concrete bridge.

London Eye – Another tourist attraction. It really does stand by its name and acts as an eye to all, giving a spectacular view of London.

I was also fortunate to visit the —

Big Ban  |  Saint Cathedral  |  Trafalgar Square  |  Museum Of London  | Buckingham Palace





Tired and feet swollen, I came back to my hotel late night and kept cherishing the moments I got to spent. And with a hope I will be back again someday 🙂


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