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The Remote Life is a travel startup with a difference. It is a remote working program for entrepreneurs, freelancers & digital nomads to travel & work with interesting people.Remote Life Logo Transparent

I got the opportunity to have an interaction with the CEO Mr. Nishchal Dua and got him to answer more about this unique idea and got to know few interesting facts which I am sharing with you all.

Let me give you all a small introduction of the man behind this idea.

 Nishchal Dua – CEO “The Remote Life”

 – is a serial entrepreneur & traveler with deep experience in growth marketing. He is currently building a startup that travels & works at the same time. 


Over the last few years, Nishchal Dua has built 2 companies and traveled 7 countries in a row. His mission is to help people in changing their work lifestyle. A few months back, he was at the Mt. Everest Base Camp and real inspiration for Remote Life came from there. With The Remote Life, he is aiming for a diverse, balanced group with people from different backgrounds, experiences and regions. In addition to it, he is a trekking freak. When he’s not working, he can be found climbing mountains or skydiving. He has traveled to almost every state of India and 11 countries in total. Nishchal Dua has completed his bachelors in Engineering from Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology and worked with the two of the biggest travel companies in the past – MakeMyTrip & Amadeus.

  • How did Remote Life came into existence? And the idea behind it?

Pursuit of happiness. All of us are looking for a happy and fulfilling life but very few are actually pursuing it. I wanted to build a lifestyle for myself where I earn time to do things I want to and that’s how Remote Life came into being. We are now helping people realize that they have everything they need to travel & experience things they always wanted to, only if they are willing to step out of their comfort zone and take their first step with us.

I started The Remote Life to help people build a better lifestyle for themselves by moving out of crowded cities and glass buildings & see the real world.  

  • How many countries has it covered so far? What’s the number of happy customers?

The Founders of Remote Life have traveled to 11 countries so far setting up dedicated partnerships and building the local community. And The Remote Life is on it’s maiden program right now covering Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia, having received nearly 800+ customers who are interested in joining the program.


  • Why remote life? Why not any other travel website?

Experience. We focus a lot on making sure you immerse yourself in the local culture & languages. Also, we screen our applicants to ensure only a balanced & diverse group travels together. This coupled with plenty of workshops makes it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Remote Life program has a dedicated local ambassador at each location and in-house experts on marketing, technology and business. These people help you get better at your job, grow your company as well as learning and unlearning lot of new things.

  • What would be the selection criteria OR who can join the program? Is there a specific process one needs to go through?

The Remote Life builds a diverse, balanced group with people from different backgrounds, experiences and regions. There are no restrictions on who can or cannot join and we encourage everyone to apply. The application process includes a simple sign up form on the website followed by which our team does an initial screening to make sure there’s a fit between the group & the applicant. If the screening goes well, we personally call up the applicant to discuss their plans and invite them to join us.


  • What kind of entrepreneurs or business would be there joining along?

We have had entrepreneurs, freelancers & consultants from different regions join us over time. There are founders building their startups remotely, UI/UX designers, financial and marketing consultants among others.

  • Would it be a kind of business get together ? If it is then what would be the niche ? Would it be the same niche which one individual deals in or different?

Remote Life is an experiential travel program which includes among other things, get-togethers, networking events, meetups, workshops and sessions on different personal & professional skill sets. We try to keep it balanced and holistic instead of focusing on a niche to give the participants a more broader view of the world outside of their office.


  • Is someone has to stay for a month or can they opt for a smaller duration like one week or two weeks?

The whole purpose of the program is to spend at least 1 month at a location and travel like a local. However, in certain scenarios we allow people to join us for a week to be able to experience what it is like.

  • Are activities are included in the program?

The program ensures a soft landing spot by keeping the logistics in place and builds on that with the experiential part. The activities however are a group and an individual decision.


  • Are there specific plans for tourist safety and emergencies? 

Top of our list. The Remote Life has a local ambassador at each location who stays with the group all the time. Each participant is provided with a city guide prior to arrival with safety measures, tips and emergency contact numbers of The Remote Life team, local partners, tourist police and their respective country embassies. A travel insurance policy is also included for everyone.

  • If duration is less then how would would it cost ?

For anything less than a month we prefer to work on an individual basis with each participant to understand their needs and provide  custom quote. 




The Website – 

Apply Now – 

Address :

  • D-1005, Sispal Vihar AWHO, Sector 49, Gurugram, Haryana 122018
  • Phone : 098184 43399

Hours :

  • Open 24 hours



2 thoughts on “The Remote Life – Travel The World |Work Remotely

  1. REMOTE LIFE, an excursion of modifying the functioning lifestyle by its very essence, “work, live & travel” in an accord. It is the premium gateway to the present constraints which we hold somewhere in us and also assisting the expedition chapter of the lives. A great lead has already been initiated just what is to be compassed is our interest and passion which has been somewhere shielded under the urban smog.

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  2. “In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take”. So, why not take up the chance and end up with a lifetime experience. Every initiative is an outcome of interest of the majority. Kudos to ‘The Remote Life’ for bringing up a blossom into the lives of sloggy professionals who had killed their dreams of a travel life. In fact, each and every small hook; from the tedious Visa and paper works to fooding and lodging conditions is well handled. It’s like getting our workplace cubicles shifted to our favourite travel spots…

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