The Masala Trail – By Osama Jalali

“The Masala Trail” at Ansal Plaza is yet another from the restaurant jewels from Osama Jalali apart from four other outlets in Delhi. They Have now total of 5 outlets including places like Janpat / Noida / Dwarka / Saket / Khel Gaon – Ansal Plaza.

Indian Cuisine has been celebrated all over the world since ages and specially when it comes to Indian Street Food, people from India as well abroad swears by it. It has always been a festival of flavours, spices, unique combination and different cultures.



The diversity in Indian Street food is immense as each region has its own specialities to offer. “Street Food” is a symbol of the region soul, reflection of diverse culture, a meeting point for people from different religion and walks of life and a staple diet for the multitude. India has a mixed population of vegetarians and non vegetarians. However, 99% of population relish the vegetarian delicacies provided by street food vendors in its authentic forms.

“The Masala Trail” is a pure vegetarian restaurant which offers traditional street cuisines from North, South, East and West regions of India in a hygienic environment.


Few of the items I can’t resist talking about – 

# Tower Chaat – My best so far. Delhi is under the scorching heat and nothing is more soothing then a dish which comforts your palette, great on flavours and light on tummy. This dish is a combination of different chaats inside a single glass. Loaded with flavours.

Tower Chaat

# Banana Poori – This was the first order from my end. Poori Bhaji or Poori Aloo is something loved in every house in India . It brought back my memories from childhood where we use to fight for the pooris. But did not try the Banana Poori from south. It is prepared with ripe banana massed in the poori tough which gives little sweet taste. Very soft in texture. 

Banana Poori

# Litti Chokha – Its a Bihari cuisine although the flavours are quite similar to my own Assamese cuisine. Both has a common ingredient “Mustard” which overpowers the overall dish. This dish is of similar concept of a Rajasthani Cuisine named ” Daal Baati Churma”. In Litti Chokha you get fried wheat tough with lots of raw mustard oil in the wheat balls served with potato gravy and daal. 

P.S. Not for people who is intolerant of strong mustard oil flavour.

Litti Chokha

# Triple Sack Rice – This was little off the regular street food. It came like a bowl meal. Had crispy noodles at the bottom, middle layer of manchurian gravy and fried rice on top. You get all the flavours together and its a complete meal by itself. 

# Ragda Patti – Was good but personally I am not big fan of it. 

Ragda Patti

# Amritpuri Panner Tikka – You get in many Delhi food outlets. Although the tastes really good.

Amritsari Panner Tikka

# Mumbai Tawa Pulao – Very famous Mumbai Street food. Although I never tried the original Tawa Pulao in the streets of Mumbai, I really loved the overall dish. Very filling and loaded with flavours. Loved the tangy taste from the lemon squeezed on top.

Mumbai Tawa Pulao

# Matka Kulfi / Haji Ali Fruit Cream – Both the deserts were very tasty and perfect for the summers.

Haji Ali Fruit Cream / Matka Kulfi



B Block, First Floor, Ansal Plaza Mall, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi


North Indian / South Indian / Street Food



₹800 for two people (approx.)


Home Delivery

Vegetarian Only

Wallet Accepted




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