And So – Luxury Home Decor Made Affordable.


Lifestyle is not just the way a person lives. It reflects a list of other attributes of the person – taste, mood, emotions, love, weakness and we try to find them in the things we get at our homes. Inspired by such thoughts, a lot of furniture and home furnishing stores have emerged and one such amazing store which is getting all the attention in the Goan market is the not so recently launched “And So” in Porvorim.



And So is a store for furniture and furnishing designs created by Anjali Mody whose vision was to create a house which lets new and upcoming designers showcase their skills with their creative pieces for everyday needs while being at non designer prices. It collaborates with a lot of designers, artists, craftsmen and curators from different fields who bring out their best with a modern twist for an everyday life.




The store is unconventional with its unique designs and the looks curated by them . You can pick up individual pieces of your choice or if you are in a mood to give a makeover to your room or your entire house or like to replicate a specific look, you just simply need to ask them to do it for you. Right from the furniture to the lighting to the upholstery get everything shifted to your home the way you like at just Rs.3,00,000. This is actually the best part of the store that you do not have to visit different stores as everything is available and you will surely like each own of them. I loved everything about the store, rather was confused with what I like more. A simple wooden bed which looked so unique with its unevenly shaped wooden headboard, a large coffee table resembling the bark of a tree, the carpets, the wooden candle stands, the hanging lamps etc. are a few of my favourites.



And So joins hands with few other designer brands who specialize in their own area of work and collectively create the looks. To name a few are Josmo whose pieces are a blend of age-old artisanal techniques and new age design focusing always on functionality. The Lohasmith who are known to make statement pieces with their clean lines, bold natural finishes and colours. Another brand is Twisty which aims to design furniture that is portable, easy to use, and goes well with any setting. And there is Botl who brings out these lovely planters, glasses and lanterns from recycled glass bottles. There are also The Art and Found, Studio Wood, The Wooden Story, Loomshed,  Kaanchi etc. to name a few. The store also keeps changing these designers so that everytime you visit you have a fresh new look.



And So is a definitely a one step destination for all the quirky, stylish, contemporary, traditional, artistic looks that you want to have for your home at an affordable budget. Go check out the store in Porvorim and recreate your space.



Here’s the link to their beautiful website.





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