‘Malhar’ The essence of monsoon by Fida.

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Here comes the monsoons and I feel happy again for no reason. A season which not everyone likes to enjoy because of the rains and restraints it brings to the daily life. But there is a saying- “One who says sunshine brings happiness with it, has never danced in the rain”. I am a pure pluviophile. I find myself smiling looking at the rains and with each shower, it brings so many emotions. Monsoons have their own charm and beauty.



As a kid, it was a hope of happiness because of the probability of a sudden holiday due to rains. Rain was nature’s toy for us – we would jump in that pool of rain water on the road on our way back from school knowing the fact that a thrashing from Mom would awaits us at home for getting that uniform dirty. Or have a boat making competition with friends and see whose boat sails longer and end up exhausting an entire book. Or cuddle up Mom at night because the thunder sounds were scary.


Then we grow up a bit and see the rains in a different way. This time it is not just rains, it is related to our emotions. Rains are not just fun, they have become our friends during that emotional and mental change that is going on within us. We feel like dancing in the rain because we are happy of a new found love and many a times I myself have danced like crazy as if the rains understood everything that I felt. Then there are times when we are depressed and the rains consoled us by soaking up our tears in its own water.


But now we see rains from a different perspective which is just beauty. The sound of the rains translates nothing but music and rythm. The waters are soothing and takes away all the weariness. The thunder reminds us to be humble towards nature and respect the fact that we are still getting rains which we may not if we continued to be indifferent. The sentiments still remain the same and sometimes I still dance like a kid and I think will continue to do that till the time it rains and until I can dance.



Monsoons are beautiful in itself and keeping in mind these beautiful aspects, Fida Jewellery has launched their new “Malhar Collection” celebrating the essence of monsoon. Fida is a unique and artistic jewellery brand which has made their mark in the fashion accessories market with its detailed jewellery for special occasions. They are available at 50 lifestyle departmental stores Pan India and e-commerce platforms such as Myntra, Jabong and Nykaa. They presented me with these two beautiful pieces of art which indeed match my monsoon mood. The silver and green combination looked amazing with silver and green reflecting the rain and greenery respectively with details designed as droplets of water. The moment I got them, the idea of styling it up crossed my mind and wanted to do it in the rains. I knew that the rain and these earrings would complement each other and make me look and feel beautiful. I indeed felt beautiful and loved the pieces and would look forward for the next collection. Thanks a lot Fida for creating such beautiful collection!


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