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Short Stories and Little Adventures of my Life. Sharing my journey with you all.


Heya! Everyone,

TLCF_NICOLE was born in October 2016 on Instagram as little picture stories. TLCF is all about Travel, Lifestyle, Cuisine and Fashion. A curious mind who loves exploring the world in a different way and found a huge community with similar passion. After having a great time sharing my thoughts, passion, personal likes and dislikes and being inspired by a lot of likeminded people, finally decided to start my blog and be connected little more and give a voice to my Instagram picture stories.

2017 will be the most memorable year of my life as I take my hobby to the next level and take the opportunity to share my little world with you all in a bigger platform. In past few years I have learned that the art of sharing happiness with as many people as possible brings double back to your life. Nicole is someone who loves travelling, try new cuisine and everything related to fashion, lifestyle and fitness. So why not be a part of this huge community, inspire and get inspired. 

With HOPE, LOVE, PASSION and STYLE……. 2017 and coming years take the journey with TLCF_NICOLE to a beautiful world of new destinations, overwhelming cuisine and splendid lifestyle. 

Love Live Laugh.. make it a tradition of your life. xoxo